1.Gas cylinder leaks during installation

When connecting the gas cylinder to the furnace, sometimes it is found that the gas cylinder leaks. It is a normal phenomenon. However, we must not underestimate it. We must pay attention to safety. Because the gas cylinders contain butane and propane, which are flammable gases, so we must keep away from the fire source during installation, and we must not install when you are smoking.


2.Stove deflagration

The stove deflagration is that after the ignition, the whole furnace burns up. This situation is often encountered by novices. It should be noted here that this is not a problem with the quality of the furnace and gas cylinders, but that we did not operate well. There are two reasons. First, we opened the gas cylinder too large at the beginning; the second reason is that some very small mini furnaces generally do not have a voltage stabilizer, and the gas cylinders are placed sideways, which will easily cause deflagration.



Many novices think that after buying a stove and gas, they can go directly to a picnic. In fact, it is not possible. You still need an adapter. This adapter is generally not expensive, but neither the stove nor the gas bottle will bring this item, so we need to separate it. In addition to purchase.


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