Nowadays,we pay more and more attention to protect the environment, electricity and gas must be the mainstream fuels, and in the outdoors, gas grills will gradually replace charcoal grills.


Many people question that gas barbecue grills are not safe and healthy enough, but according to my more experience, gas barbecue grills are not only safe, but also very convenient and hygienic.


1.Is it hygienic and healthy for gas to come into direct contact with food?

Most kitchen stoves use natural gas with special pipelines. Or canned gas, while outdoor gas stoves use mostly small portable alpine liquefied gas tanks. The main gas components of these different types of gas gas tanks are alkanes, of which methane accounts for the vast majority and a small amount. ethane, propane and butane ,etc. 

And these gas burns to produce carbon dioxide and water,as we know, carbon dioxide and water are safe to contact with food. 

2.What are the differences between gas grilling and charcoal grilling?

(1) Taste differences

Charcoal grilled food has a unique flavor, with a kind of pyrotechnic smell; gas grilled food has relatively little of this unique flavor.


(2)Operational differences

The prelude to charcoal grilling is that it is troublesome and time-consuming to light a fire and charcoal. And it may require more than one ignition and charcoal addition during the whole barbecue process. The temperature of different stages of the barbecue will also be different. You should always be careful about the temperature.  

Gas barbecue is a kind of fast barbecue, basically no prelude is needed, just unscrew the switch to start grilling food, ignite in 3 seconds, and enter the food in 10 minutes, and the temperature control during the whole barbecue process is very convenient, just adjust the switch, High temperature, low temperature conversion freely, very fast. 


When grilling with charcoal grill, at least one box of charcoal (about 3kg) should be prepared. After the mechanism charcoal is ignited, it can generally burn for 60-120 minutes. 

Outdoor gas barbecues often use alpine liquefied gas tanks, which are more convenient to carry. At present, the common specifications are 110g, 230g, and 450g. The 110g gas tank can burn for about 40 minutes, the 230g gas tank can burn for about 1.5 hours, and the 450g gas tank can burn for about 3.5 hours


(4)Hygiene and Cleanliness

Charcoal ash and other impurities will be generated during the use of the charcoal grill. When grilling, try to avoid windy weather or avoid the tuyere to avoid the charcoal ash flying out and contaminating the food. After the charcoal grilling, cleaning the charcoal ash and other care work is also complicated. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a barbecue with an enamel coating as much as possible, which will be easier to clean. 

The gas grill has no impurities such as charcoal ash to contaminate the food during operation, and it is relatively hygienic. When the barbecue is over, it only needs to be simply cleaned up, and there is nothing to worry about. This is one of the unique advantages of gas ovens.

Written by xu zhebin

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