Due to the impact of the epidemic, more and more people have given up long-distance travel such as going abroad, and began to choose a way of life that is more free and closer to nature - camping.

Presumably most of my friends have the experience of setting up tents in parks or suburbs, but this can only be called a picnic. The camping here is sleeping in the wilderness. It is not difficult to say that a picnic party should turn into a wilderness sleeping party, but many people still cannot overcome this psychological barrier.Because we are used to living a convenient life in the city. The essence of camping is to slowly get used to this kind of discomfort and inconvenience. With no running water, no air conditioning, no soft mattresses and dry quilts, you could be infested with frogs by the lake and mosquitoes in your ears all night. But the charm of camping is precisely that, like a child, you can create your own little world, taste the freshest taste of nature, look up and see the first ray of sunshine through the gap... to discover, explore and integrate into nature. And these would give you the most wonderful view in front of you...

However, as a rookie, please ignore all the wonderful camping photos and videos on the Internet. Behind those wonderful ones, you must be burdened with all the discomforts just mentioned. So please be mentally prepared, your first wilderness sleep is likely to be a sleepless night. 

Whether you are about to stick to camping as your hobby, or as a way of life for a period of time in the future, or to bring your children to be close to nature, the first time is very, very important. If you fail or have a bad experience, you may give up.So I'm here to give you as much experience as possible, so that your first show can have a better experience and not fail completely.

Every point I make next is important. 

  1. Don't be a loner.

Even if your entire camping gang is a novice, it doesn't matter. During the actual camping process, you will deeply realize how wonderful it is to have friends by your side.

  1. Don't choose a campsite that is too far or too remote

If you are camping with your whole family, it is recommended to go to a regular camping park. The infrastructure is relatively complete. Even if the equipment is not complete, you can deal with it calmly. If you still want to seek a little excitement, it is best to choose the suburbs of the city. It is best to have a village not far from the camp. If you encounter unnecessary trouble or extreme weather, you can quickly seek help.

  1. Do not go to places without mobile phone signal

We are camping, not surviving in the wilderness; we are exploring interesting ways of life, not breaking away from modern civilization. In any case, there must be good means of communication with the outside world, otherwise the danger will be catastrophic.

  1. Do not choose extreme weather to go out

First of all, we must avoid winter. Although there are many friends who are starting to play with fire tents, this is definitely not something a novice should consider. The right outdoor temperature will go a long way toward boosting your liking for camping. Avoid thunderstorms, high winds, sand,etc.

  1. Carry enough drinking water

Camping outdoors is still a relatively physically consuming thing. Sometimes we expel a lot of water through rapid mouth breathing exercise, but we often go unnoticed, resulting in symptoms of body dehydration (hypertonic dehydration). Severe cases can be life-threatening.

      6. Planned food to bring

In fact, when we go out to camp, everyone is afraid of not being full and eating well. They often bring too many ingredients and snacks every time. As a result, every time the camping ends, there will be a lot left. If it is fresh ingredients, it is even more necessary to carefully plan the amount of each meal, otherwise it will cause huge waste.

  1. Don't buy the equipment for the first camping in one step

For people who are camping for the first time, my suggestion is to rent tents and sleeping pads first, or buy tents with relatively high cost performance and simple structure and easy to build. Cooking utensils, cutlery, folding chairs, etc. Why? I can simply share my personal views with you here. Whether a piece of outdoor equipment is easy to use, whether it conforms to one's own aesthetics, whether it matches one's own spending power, etc. has nothing to do with others. Even if it is recommended by a camping veteran, it is given from his own use and aesthetic perspective. Camping must ultimately have its own style and tonality. Whether it is from equipment, to outdoor meals, to camping content, you must have your own attitude.

So each of your camping is also a process of exploring your own style, and this process is full of unknown and fun. Step by step, the replacement of equipment is inevitable, and it will never be done in one step.

  1. Make a complete camping plan

I believe that many friends will make plans before traveling, but there are also some friends who are more casual, play wherever they go, and pursue uncertainty. But camping is really different. Reasonable itinerary, meal preparation, and planning of entertainment content will make your entire camping process orderly. Otherwise you will be very tired.


Written by xu zhebin

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