1.After each barbecue, be sure to empty the oil pan in time, laziness can only leave endless troubles. 

2.Remove the grilling net and inspect the burner for blockages, especially spiders and cobwebs, and for clear holes in the burner. If blocked, carefully remove the blockage with a pin. 

3.When cleaning the gas oven, do not directly rinse the burner head with water, because the flame holes on the burner head are very small, and it will be very troublesome after clogging. 

4.Connect the Alpine propane tank/gas tank, open the valve, and light the oven head. Wipe oven grill and oil. If you smell propane, turn off all burners, disconnect and reconnect the gas supply hose to the gas tank, and try again. 

5.It is necessary  to use clean water to check whether the lower joint and the air hose are leaking at regular intervals: put the air hose in clean water, if there are air bubbles, it means that there is a gap for air leakage. At this time, it should be abandoned.


Written by xu zhebin

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